Care for the colored hair?

   The multi-colored hair extensions, which you could easily fix to your own hair is a wonderful way to change your look. But when you are using such a tricky device, you shouldn’t forget to take care of it, because we don’t want to loose its beauty. Care of it is little different from familiar process of hygiene.

    It is not comfortable to take shower with the hair extensions on hairpins.  So it is better to use the bowl. The hair extensions are easy to rinse. It is possible to add some shampoo, but in that case you should pay attention on its composition.

    The ideal variant would be that shampoo which includes collagen or keratin. It will perfectly feed and protect the hair extensions. Specialists also recommend to use balms and masks. But not those that intended for oily hair. It is better to choose the shampoo for dry and damaged hair. We also advise to hold balm no longer than 15 minutes. Then you should rinse the hair extensions with warm water.

    While using shampoo it is necessary to put it accurately, imagine that you just stroke the hair from top to down. The variant of washing like your own hair is not suitable here.

    For drying use the horizontal surfaces. Accurately we lay hair extensions and leave them for 5-7 hours or for the night, which is better. Speed won’t help here. The hair dryer could spoil the beauty of the hair extensions on hairpins.

    You should not forget that after washing it is not possible to brush hair. Dry the hair extensions accurately with the towel, deleting water and leave them in this condition. After this you can use the special brush for hair extensions.

     If you are not happy with straight hair extensions on hairpins you can curl them. But don’ use curling irons. High temperature will destroy the structure of them. We advise to use hair rollers.

    The second method is metal or wooden devices. We curl locks; scald them with boiled water and put them at once under the ice water. With this method the curls will look more natural.


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