Hair & Dandruff

 The dandruff becomes trouble for many men and women. It may come due to allergic reactions, improper haircare, even due to unfavorable environment and can be also transmitted from the comb in the salon for example when you come to make hair extensions. Hair extensions cost – is what indicates the level of salon and quality of hair extensions. There can’t be cheap real hair extensions. If the price of this procedure is extremely low – it is not normal, but even suspicious. Such a salon usually provides service that does not meet the standards, especially health standards. 

But once you got the dandruff, how would you get rid of it without using drastic products?

 Cheap real hair extensions.

There are plenty of recipes as people have long since been fighting dandruff. What remains is to choose an appropriate one. All of these are easy to prepare and all the necessary ingredients can be found at home or at the local store. The main advantage of using folk remedies is that they contain no dyes, chemicals and harmful additives. You mix all the ingredients by yourself and you can be sure as of their quality.


Applying hair masks is very effective against the dandruff. The mask can be made of fermented milk products, oils and honey. Using castor, linseed and olive oils will be of the best effect - these can be found at your local pharmacy. The best fermented milk masks are made of homemade kefir or yoghurt but if there’s no way of getting the homemade product, the one purchased at store will also work. The mask should be applied evenly on the head skin and kept in warmth under the piece of polyethylene for about half an hour. Right after that, wash your hair thoroughly using a shampoo. 

Various salt masks are beneficial to the head skin health. The salt has an excellent peeling effect and removes excess greasiness, it also improves overall hair condition. It should be rubbed into the head skin with massaging movements. You can use sea salt that is rich in micro-elements and minerals. In case if the head skin is sensitive, it would be better to use a mixture of salt and yoghurt or sour cream.


Decoctions or infusions fight dandruff very well. After washing your hair rinse it using the decoction made of the following herbs: calendula, nettle and burdock. The yarrow decoction will be of an excellent effect – it is better to rub it into the head skin before sleep. The collections of roots and leaves of these plants can be purchased at pharmacies. In summer you can make decoctions of fresh plants as well as stock up the needed amount of herbs for the winter by yourself.


The dandruff itself is not a serious disease – you can easily fight it using folk remedies. But neglecting dandruff may result in a huge problem that will be way more difficult to get rid of. Thus before proceeding to aesthetic procedures on your head make sure you’ve entrusted your hair to the best specialist.

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