Sex and hair.

Sex and hair.

 Sex is very important for the woman’s health in general and for the hair quality in particular. Because after all, sex brings joy and relieves stress.

 As banal as it may sound but absence of stress, proper diet and a healthy lifestyle are the most important for the hair health. Let’s add one more significant factor – an ecological situation in the “habitat”.

Any kind of physical activity improves blood circulation throughout the body and therefore in the head skin. That’s why exercising effects your hair positively. Sex is also very beneficial to your hair. The stress relieves and the blood vessels dilate during sex. It is very beneficial to hair follicles. As recent studies showed, the hair begins growing faster if a person has an active sex life even if it’s imaginary. So you shouldn’t limit yourself to do this. However, there’s always one “but”.

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Hair hinders a lot during sex, it makes you sweat and it gets into mouth. It gets into man’s eyes and entire face in the “woman on top” position while leaning forward for kissing or fondling. It falls into intimate places when the position changes. Sometimes in the heat of passion people tear out whole bunches of hair especially if your partner loves doggy style. It is worth mentioning that yet just before having sex, finally stripping you in a hurry to enjoy your body, a man can tear out the bunch of hair with a simple jerk. And lying on your back after the night of love in the “missionary” position hair can be put under the head so it doesn’t dangle and uncurl. Although in this case women with soft and thin hair risk a lot anyway. Because after sex they can’t unravel and comb hair even using a conditioner as rubbing results in horrible lumps that eventually get teared out with a lot of hair while combing. That is why women with long and thick hair tend to lose a lot of hair after sex. At such moments we are drawn to cut hair as short as possible but when we remember what it cost us to grow it, many will continue to endure all this. Other women will advise to pin hair up. But! During oral sex there’s no wish to pin hair up because loose hair is more attractive for the man, but on the other hand it’s a nightmare for hair especially when squeezing it with hands or even with legs in the “69” position.

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It irritates man a lot when during sex his hand suddenly stumbles upon some iron or hard pins in the hair of his beloved. A man wants to freely caress the hair of his beloved woman – keep this in mind. Making dreadlocks is not greatest option as well, because men are not that crazy about dreadlocks too: dreadlocks – are cool, but not an option to look sexy at all. It doesn’t excite at all and it doesn’t make a man wish to touch it.

What is advised by some wise women - high quality clip in hair extensions for short haircuts. In this case you can stay attractive and sexy enough even if your man loves ponytails - you can have human hair clip on ponytails and when the time for sex is really close - just take off the clip out of your hair and enjoy your relations without spitting and crying: «Ouch! That hurts»!

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