Smoking and hair

Smoking and hair

The harm of smoking impacts all body systems and as the functioning and heath of human organs are closely related, we can say that nicotine is harmful for the hair as well as for other organs.

 Nicotine itself doesn’t affect hair directly. The main reason of hair loss during smoking is the impact of this ingredient and other toxic components of tobacco smoke on the peripheral blood circulation. The spasm of blood vessels, their thinning and narrowing of the lumen caused by cholesterol deposits, violates the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles which weakens them reducing the hair growth rate and causes hair loss.

German scientists confirmed this fact and proved that hair loss happens mostly in smokers who also have maternally inherited tendency to baldness.


 Deviation in reproductive and endocrine systems that may be affected by nicotine also causes hair problems.

 Violation of thyroid functioning may reduce the production of antibodies and hormones containing iodine. It results in developing autoimmune thyroiditis and metabolic disorders. Being under such conditions hair follicles transform and hair starts falling out.

 Another mechanism that explains the reason of hair loss during smoking is the fact that nicotine acts similar to choline as a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. Nerves responsible for nutrition of some organs including hair, function exactly thanks to acetylcholine. Its substitution with nicotine leads to their functioning disorder and develops a neural degeneration in hair follicles.

 Surprisingly, the majority of women having a cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette while discussing hair problems do not realize that smoking is one of the main reasons of aging and hair loss.

 The vitamin deficiency after winter, strict diet as a result of refusing good nutrition and snacks in fast food restaurants will guarantee you the hair loss. But what does smoking have to do with all this? Amino acids, minerals and vitamins of C, A and E groups that are essential in recovering hair follicles can be swallowed handfuls to no avail because nicotine neutralizes their effect completely.

human braiding hair

 Hair loss, especially in women, happens after an acute physical or a constant emotional stress. Thus follicles “fall asleep” resulting the hair loss. Smoking doesn’t calm you down but suppresses stress symptoms with the narcotic effect of serotonin and dopamine.

 If there’s no possibility of having another cigarette a smoker will suffer from the strong nicotine starvation that only increases the stress. Studies showed that quitting smoking significantly weakens the effect of stress on the body and hair follicles come to life.

 There’s no woman who wouldn’t have wished to have lush hair. But smoking is also hard to quit. In such cases woman who takes care of herself will use real hair extensions or human braiding hair especially when it comes to mulatto or Afro-American women.

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