So what are the сlip in hair extensions?

  It is some kind of small comb on which hair is fixed and with the help of which the length and volume of hairstyle is modeled.

  The technology of choosing such accessories has several important elements.

   It is necessary to know what hair you are going to purchase. Of course, the preference should be given to natural hair extensions on hairpins. But also there are some nuances, which should be known.

   First is the “origin” of hair. According to marking points it can be Slavic, Asian, and European. The Slavic are considered to have the highest quality. It has received such status for the fact that it stays fine even after long-term use. The European hair follows it. It is not as durable as Slavic, but close to its quality. And at last there is Asian hair. It requires special care because of less spare handling while production. It is a great option for the evening hairstyles.

   Secondly it is “stacking” of scales (cuticles) of hair. They are subdivided into “Remy” and “non Remy”. The first perfectly is used in hairstyle and is loved by stylists in daily styles. The second is created for giving the volume to the hairstyle for one evening. On the contrary to Remy of its cuticles specially go from a tip to the beginning of a hair. 

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