What would a haircut tell us about a woman?

What would a haircut tell us about a woman?

Hairstyle is one of the main features that forms an appearance of every person. Not only fine dress helps to impress but also does hairstyle. By choosing a particular hairstyle every person tries to emphasize own individuality and suggests something even if unconsciously. Preferring of one or another kind of hairstyle can tell us much about a person.

Hairstyle may reflect the state of mind of a person. A radical change in appearance is usually associated with a desire for changes in life. The same person with various hairstyles will look different and will be perceived by others in completely different ways.

So what does hairstyle mean? Extravagant hairstyles and radical hair color are inherent in youth when teens reconsider old values. They try to assert themselves in a new life and to stand out among others. If mature and accomplished person has a radical hairstyle it tells us about his frustration, self-doubt and subconscious desire of changes in own life.

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Short and perfectly cut hair usually means material and psychological well-being. Or its owners are conceited enough and feel the need for recognition.  

What does long and loose hairstyle mean? It means youth. Therefore, a woman having such hairstyle aims to look younger than she is. Sometimes it works and sometimes – not. Pretty often, women with such hairstyle do not notice as time passes by and they are unable to perceive themselves and the real life adequately. They are subject to romantic perception of facts. Long and especially blond hair radiate sexuality.

Smooth hair characterizes a modest business woman faithfully accomplishing her professional duties or a refined personality who avoids vulgarity and expressiveness. Such hair style suits women with a slim body and proper facial features because it emphasizes their harmonious appearance.

What does hairstyle with a fleece or an artificial fluffiness means? Besides the fact that fleece is usually preferred by older women nostalgic for their youth, such “fluffiness” gives volume to thin and sparse hair.

Classic hairstyle indicates woman’s pragmatism. Such woman perceives life adequately and prefers comfort in fashion.

Short and ruffled hair shows woman’s self-confidence and openness but at the same time indicates weak level of her sexuality.

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Carelessly styled hair of the medium length supposes intelligence and “kindness”.

Besides the hairstyle itself the hair color will tell us a lot about a woman. If a woman doesn’t consider it necessary to hide the gray, then she’s comfortable with her age and quite happy with herself.

But with help of hair dying you can create a certain image:

-many people associate dark hair with strength, activity, temperament and magical mystery;

-those who have brown hair are considered to be noble and fair;

-if you have brown hair then many will associate your hair color with tenderness and comfort, fidelity and reliability. Women with brown hair are also considered to be serious and prudent;

-blond hair is associated with positive images of the sun, gold, etc. Blond hair awakes in others a desire to protect its owner;

-if a woman has golden hair it may indicate her capricious character;

-red color is associated with rebellion and adventures. Fire color is the color of love and it is believed that women with red hair are of a very sensitive and ardent nature. This color may also be a warning of guile.

Concerning hair shapes we can say that:

-optimistic and cheerful people have manageable hair;

-soft, straight and sleek hair means you’re obedient, courteous and kind-hearted;

-soft and thin hair is considered to indicate the intelligence and the power of will;

-rough hair warns about rudeness;

-temperamental and evil people have thick hair;

-dark curly hair suggests hot and impulsive character;

By the way, according to statistics, the majority of women linger to be blond more than brunette. Probably, to lull the vigilance of men and allow them to cherish and protect you. It's great that we women can "play" and create any other look, not only by dyeing hair, but also buying human hair extensions or making long curly clip in hair extensions if our natural hair is curly and too short. As any of us once may want to become sexier, more desirable.





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