Where does hair extensions come from?

Where does hair extensions come from?

Unfortunately, in today’s world there are many mass media, bloggers, and regular social networks users ready to do anything to attract new readers and spectators. They often publish deceitful stories with loud statements and headlines misleading common people and generating the whole bunch of myths. The beauty industry suffered the same fate. It’s been a long time since on the internet there have been myths about the hair extensions origin. As a result, some superstitious and impressionable people refuse making this procedure which is generally harmless. Here are some myths about the cheap human hair extensions origin:

  1. Prisons. Yes, in some cases the hair is shaved off after the arrest. But it is done only when there’s a threat of violating sanitary norms. That is if a detainee has parasites. But people infected with parasites are unlikely to have healthy and well-groomed hair. And federal agencies have lot more important things to do than to accurately sort the shaved hair.
  2. Psychiatric hospitals. This option is also absurd. In such places hair is shaved off in the sake of safety of the most uncontrolled patients so they wouldn’t harm themselves. And if a person has a big problem with a peace of mind it is unlikely that he applies a moisturizing mask every evening.
  3. Mortuaries. Perhaps this myth is the most terrifying. It is just as terrible as it is non-realistic. Nobody has any right to shave off the hair of the dead human without relatives’ permission. It is unlikely that someone would be delighted after an offer to burry relatives with no hair.

 real hair extensions

We know that most people on Earth live below the poverty line and take any opportunity to earn extra money. Hair is just another opportunity to make ends meet. In many Asian countries companies sign contracts with the girls from needy families. These contracts specify the length hair should grow to, the requirements for its health condition and the obligations of repurchasing company. Taking care of a long hair is not easy and requires a lot of effort. And girls spend a lot of time and effort on it. It grows by 12-15 centimeters a year. So on average one can sell hair once every three years. It is also worth mentioning that some religious communities of India shave off parishioners’ hair and sell it to western companies. Hair undergoes full disinfection and a number of chemical treatments. Feel free to use real hair extensions and refuse any concerns about sanitation and hygiene.


It’s clear that no one shaves off hair because of a good life. And if you are concerned about the energy then you can choose artificial hair extensions. Manufactures developed technologies of producing high quality synthetic hair. It will last for a long time and it looks the same as real hair. If chosen and extended properly it would be almost impossible to distinguish it from the natural hair.


All in all, no matter where the hair comes from as it becomes completely safe after such processing. The main point is that it can raise your self-confidence because nice hairstyle will help you to attract some attention and to be in the spotlight.

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