About us

Pretty girl with hair

Our company was founded in 2010 and we are the best in the market for today.

Our product consists of two important elements:

  • We use only Russian hair in our products, which is considered to be the world-best.
  • We use Modern Italian manufacturing techniques.

 We choose hair on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Flawless and beautiful look
  • No split ends
  • Our hair is silky and smooth
  • Various and beautiful shades of hair color.

 From each shipment of raw materials we select no more than 10 % of hair.

 Our hair can be used for a very long time and will look great even while using daily. You can find everything you need in our huge range of products.

 We can guarantee:

  • High-quality products at attractive prices.
  • We deliver lots of items really quickly.
  • Efficient and fast personal service.

 We would like to develop with our customers together. Please, let us know if you have any suggestions to improve the quality of our products, service, etc.

 If you have a dream about the gorgeous hair, but don’t know how to fulfill it, we can suggest you buying the luxury hair extensions.

 Our company suggests exclusive high-quality products, which meet international standards and are recognized in specialized European and American markets. We appreciate our reputation and apply world standards to work with our clients. We are sure of the qulity of the hair we are selling. According to statistics we don’t have any cases of product return by the reason of low quality.

If you would like to get 100% natural hair extensions and the quality of it is important for you along with the beauty and irresistibility, just contact our online shop to find a perfect suggestion once and for all.