How do I choose the right shade? We will be happy to help. Please, email a photo of your hair to hello@rus-hairextension.com  Please, make sure the photo was taken in natural light, by a window or outside, so we could choose the best option for you. 

Can I get professional advice on what shade to choose? We will be happy to assist you in choosing a shade. Please send us at least 3 (the more, the better) photos of your hair to hello@rus-hairextension.com 

For best results, we recommend to do the following:

-       ask someone to take pictures of your hair from all sides, including the back. Do not sent photos of parts of your hair,

-       do not have the photos taken in artificial light (bathroom), direct sunlight or in the dark. Send us photos taken in natural daylight,

-       send us up-to-date photos,

-       if you want a ponytail extension, send us a photo of your hair in a ponytail.


Why should I choose Rus Hair Deluxe Clip-in Extensions? Reason 1 : Quality. Hair Deluxe clip-in extensions are expertly made only of the highest quality hair.   

Reason 2: Saving Time and Money. Hair Deluxe Clip-in extensions save you time and money. Compared to salon-applied extensions, Hair Deluxe clip-in extensions don’t damage your own hair at all and you only pay for them once. It takes under a minute to attach Hair Deluxe extensions and just a few seconds to remove them even if you have never used them before.

Reason 3: Beauty. Hair Deluxe Clip-in extensions look more natural than many other extensions. You can use them with short and long hairstyles, the extensions are easy to conceal, so no one will notice a thing. 


Can I use Hair Deluxe clip-in extensions continuously without damaging my hair? How often do I have to renew the extensions? There is no way Hair Deluxe Clip-in extensions can damage your hair. You can use Hair Deluxe clip-in extensions every day for about a year if you take proper care of them (nothing difficult!). Don’t hesitate to style the extensions using the same appliances as for your own hair, but remember that heat from curling and flat irons as well as styling products cause damage to both your own hair and the clip-in extensions. Try to reduce the amount of hairspray on your hair and extensions and style with minimum heat. You don’t need to wash the extensions after every use, wash them every 20 uses or more often if using a lot of styling products. Tip for styling: if making curls, style the extensions before attaching them. 


What if the available length is not long enough for me? If you want longer hair, we can make customized extensions for you. Please note that customized extensions are not exchangeable and can not be returned if they don’t match, therefore we recommend ordering swatches to choose the correct shade before placing an order. Please allow 1-2 weeks for customized orders.


How heavy are Hair Deluxe Clip-in extension sets?

Many people are under the impression that the heavier the hair is, the thicker it is. This is not true in our case. All Hair Deluxe Clip-in extensions are similarly thick. It is the length of the extensions that influences the weight. Longer extension sets are heavier.


Is it possible to see available shades in person before purchasing? Yes, you can order our Hair Deluxe Clip-in extensions swatches to choose the best shade to match your hair. The swatches are for shade selection only and can not be attached to your hair. 


Are there any tips for choosing a shade? Your own hair colour changes slightly from roots to ends. We recommend choosing a shade which matches your hair from the middle to the ends, not the roots. If your hair is 3 or more shades, we advise you to purchase 2 different sets of Hair Deluxe clip-in extensions.



Is it possible to dye Hair Deluxe Clip-in extensions? Hair Deluxe Clip-in extensions are already dyed and processed. We advise strongly against any further dying or bleaching. Should you still choose to dye or bleach the extensions, it is at your own risk. The extensions will not be eligible for return or exchange once they have been dyed.


Can I conceal Hair Deluxe Clip-in extensions if my own hair is thin? Hair Deluxe clips are small, easy to attach or remove. They won’t damage your own hair if a pressure or pulling is applied to them and they will never slip off your hair by themselves. If you are worried other people might be able to see the clip-in extensions, place the extensions low on your head and cover with as much hair as possible. We will send a Tester Clip with your purchase for you to check whether the clip will suit your hair (we are sure it will suit perfectly!). If attached properly, the extensions will never be seen by other people. Hair Deluxe Clip-in extensions are suitable for all types of hair, including thin, damaged and short. 



What makes you so sure Hair Deluxe Clip-in extensions won’t slip off my hair? We use the best clips for Hair Deluxe Clip-in extensions. The clips are designed so that they are very easy to attach and remove without damaging your own hair. The quality of the clip is essential to prevent sliding off. Our clips are made of metal and silicone and will hold on to hair of any quality, including thin and damaged. Nobody will be able to see the clips as they are small and coloured to be easily concealed under your hair. With Hair Deluxe Clip-in Extensions you can create the hairstyle of your dream in a couple of minutes, and it will look absolutely natural (and so beautiful!).


Will I be able to use Hair Deluxe Extensions if my hair is very thin? If you want to make your thin hair look voluminous and beautiful, Hair Deluxe Extensions is exactly what you need. You will only need enough hair to cover the clips. A Tester Clip will be sent to you with a purchased Hair Deluxe Extension set to check whether it will work on your hair. You can try the Tester Clip on your hair before breaking the set’s seal. Try backcombing to hide the clips in case your hair is very thin.


What if I want to cut Hair Deluxe Clip-in extensions? Hair Deluxe Clip-in Extensions can be cut, but let a professional stylist do it for a more natural look. Once the extensions have been cut, they can not be returned or exchanged.


How is Hair Deluxe hair processed? We use only the best quality human hair available. All strands are laboratory tested for origin and quality. Our hair dying process is gentle, so the dyed strands look healthy and have a beautiful shade. And they are long-lasting, too. We highly value the quality of our products and choose a slow dyeing process to make your Hair Deluxe Clip-in extensions gorgeous looking and long-lasting. Many companies (which use quick dyeing) have to disguise the low quality of the hair by using such materials as silicone. Such hair looks shiny and is silky to the touch, but loses the good looks and quality after a couple of washings. We never use silicone to boost Hair Deluxe Clip-in extensions and always rely on the quality of the hair and as little processing as possible.


Can I exchange or return Hair Deluxe Clip-in extensions? Yes, you can exchange or return eligible products. Please read our return/exchange policy for more details. 


There is a problem with my payment, what can I do? If you are unable to make a payment, please try using a different browser. If the issue persists, please contact us.